Myrkl – The Pre-Drinking Supplement 

Myrkl is the 1st commercialized product that contains AB001 which breaks down 70% of alcohol within 60 minutes.
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Myrkl is a Pre-Drinking supplement that is designed for responsible adults who want to enjoy socializing without having to compromise the next day and demand performance, productivity and mental clarity in their personal and professional life.  Its unique formula consists of AB001, enriched with L-Cysteine and Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, normal red blood cell formation and the normal function of the immune system. Clinical studies show that L-Cysteine alleviates alcohol-related symptoms. 

For the best effect two capsules of Myrkl are taken two hours before drinking. 

Myrkl launched in the UK, US and most European countries in 2022 and is available via various retailers, online shops and Amazon.