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MAKING HISTORY: de Faire Medical tested with promising results AB001™, the first formula in history that breaks down alcohol effectively

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DFM has invented the first formula (AB001™) in human history that showed promising results* to break-down alcohol effectively before it reaches the liver. AB001™ is a mix of proprietary high performing bacteria enriched with L-cysteine. Its published study, although achieved at small-scale, demonstrated that AB001™ managed to break-down up to 70% of alcohol within 60 minutes after consumption (and 50% after 30 minutes).

AB001™ is natural and vegan. To be effective, two pills need to be taken before drinking. Further scientific studies are currently under work to strengthen those promising results* and validate them at a larger scale. Myrkl, the first DFM product containing AB001™ formula, recorded to-date 70% satisfaction rate post its launch in UK in July 2022 (based on an independent survey on Myrkl consumers conducted by a global Top 50 research firm, Catalyx – 1313 Myrkl consumers responded to the survey).

To be clear, products containing AB001™ do not aim to alleviate the impact of excess alcohol consumption and AB001™ must never be an excuse to drink alcohol in excess. AB001™ has been invented to address the needs of moderate social drinkers struggling to metabolise alcohol effectively. It is not a product for people who want to drink alcohol in excess, as consuming AB001™ would mean it would take much longer and be much more expensive to get drunk.

This is exactly what our consumer research has found: the most frequent drinkers who want to drink alcohol in excess are not interested in AB001™. The consumers who are most interested in AB001™ are moderate social drinkers who are health conscious and want to feel their best the next day.

Beyond complying with local regulations, inventing and selling a product of this kind brings with it certain responsibilities. De Faire Medical commits to responsibly promote any products containing AB001™. Specifically, we : 

  • Have a clear and unambiguous position on alcohol. Alcohol is a toxic substance from the first drop ingested and everyone must always respect Government and official guidelines when it comes to alcohol consumption. Our view is that if alcohol was invented today, it should be banned
  • Will never describe or position alcohol in a positive light
  • Insist that AB001™ is never an excuse to drink excess alcohol, or worse, to drink and drive
  • Will never target young and student population in our marketing activities
  • Will support charities fighting the negative impact of alcohol in the markets we operate in

Those are our convictions. We believe there is a path to promote this category responsibly.

*The study was published in the Journal of Nutrition & Metabolic Insights (full study results available at: Note that the amount of alcohol consumed in the study was low, the efficacy analysis contains data from 14 (out of 24) subjects, and the supplement was consumed for one week before the results were obtained.

A Pioneer In The Industry

de Faire Medical AB aims to uncover the full potential of applying microbial solutions to a specific, unique organic substrate, and to obtain preferential targetting of dietary supplements. The objective is to adress short term consequences of life style related conditions and avoiding long term complications through scientifically and clinically proven products made globally available. 

30 Years of Innovation

The origin of today’s advanced scientific platform goes back to the 1970s as a probiotic feed additive for farmed animals was developed, to promote improved natural growth without chemicals and drugs. In early 1980s it was approved for this purpose in Japan, and is still in use until today.

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